We were welcomed with professionalism and had no worries leaving our painting in the care of Alexia. She did a perfect job cleaning our old inherited painting, removing many years of cigarette smoke and dirt, and making it look like the artist originally, we believe, had intended.
— Harald Årstad
After a year of lessons With Alexia at the French Institute of Stavanger (Norway), my son Lucas wanted to learn more. He spent a wonderful year With Alexia during his private lessons. She listened to Lucas’ wishes and let him explore various painting techniques. He could also increase his knowledge about famous artists.
Alexia knows how to share her passion and her knowledge with children.
Thank you very much Alexia for this wonderful Journey!
— Lucas and Muriel Tran Van Huu-Darquin
Egon Schiele is my favourite artist. When I heard Alexia was also a copyist, I ordered his self-portrait from 1910. I understood that it is not an easy task to copy charcoal and watercolour, but Alexia did a wonderful job and I am really happy with “my” Egon Schiele.
Some years later, I aksed Alexia wether she would be up for a challenge, something completely different: I wanted a Rubens in postcard size. I always dreamed about having a barocken painting on my minimalist Scandinavian walls, a proper “Stilbruch”.
The result exceeded my expectations: Alexia made a great copy and found the Perfect frame for it too.
— Franziska Blystad



I was born in the south of France (Grasse) the 7th of July 1983. I grew up travelling the world with my family (Indonesia, Scotland) before settling down in Paris where I studied art conservation.
I am living in Stavanger (Norway) since January 2010, with my husband Jean-Baptiste and our daughter Apolline. 


I will always listen to your wishes and will never compromise with my profession´s ethics. I strive for honest customer service, so contracts are only paid in full when the finished work is to your complete satisfaction.